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Planned mating of Nuka and Neema Updated 04/06/07

After some considerable thought we have decided to go ahead with the mating of Nuka and Neema in the next couple of months.

Nuka has proved herself yet again this race season and is now leading the 6 dog team along with Revel. Her puppies from her previous mating are doing extremely well in harness and are very promising.

Neema is an outstanding athelete and together they should produce some exceptional team members.



Nuka is pregnant she is getting quite a little swelling on her tummy!

Her pups are due during the first week in June so we haven't got long to wait now.

We have had an enormous interest in this mating with two European mushers waiting for news, which is quite an honour hopefully we will be able to keep everyone happy.

We will update this page as soon as the little ones appear, we have been placing bets as to how many. Fred has frightened me with 8 I think that we will have 6 what do you think?




Goodness what a night!

The puppies have arrived safe and well with no problems, both mum and her offspring are settled down in the whelping box, such a lovely sight.

We have 3 boys and 3 girls and all are beautiful (well arn't all puppies?) All but one dog are varying shades of grey/white and the final dog is a piebald.

We are delighted with our new family members and will add some pictures of them all very soon.


The milk bar is now open for business.

A stressfull day at work.



Look at us now!

We are getting about now, come and see us. Follow this link.


Rena's left home

Sunday 12th August 2007 our dear little Rena has packed her bags and has moved on.

We would like to wish Lee and Zara all the best for the future and look forward to seeing our girlie very soon.

Magic and Kola are staying with us for a week more.

As you can guess we have chosen Flo, Spot and Bruce the naughty ones!