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Mother and father unknown.  Age unknown.

Tealk is about 4 years old and an absolute poppet. He was left in our boarding kennels and the owner never came back for him. It was on Christmas eve 2005 that I decided to bring him indoors with our other house dogs after spending nine months waiting for his owner to come back from his overseas trip. It was probably all of his christmas wishes rolled into one.

Tealk settled immediately and apart from tearing up two pieces of paper and nibbling on the side of his bed has been a perfect pet, why would any one want to dump him.

He is the best puppy sitter and he thoroughly enjoys looking after the little ones.


Hoby died Sept 08

Hoby is a German Shepherd Dog. He is 12 years old. He arrived here in 2002.

Hoby is the guard dog,he can be found on the sofa in the conservatory. If needed he will come running and hide behind your back.

Hoby is a retired prison dog formally of Wormwood scrubs and HMP Whitemore. We took him on when he retired at eight years old. He interviewed us prior to moving in, he liked the sofa and moved in a few weeks later. His favourite occupation is sleeping and he really enjoys attending husky races and events where he can be found by the burger van. He will speak on command and loves any attention. He is often found wearing barbie sunglasses which he models well. His best friend is Tealk, his girlfriend is Kom and his worst enemy is Billy. (As for Kom it is a one sided relationship, Kom thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread, Hoby ducks whenever he sees her)


Dear Hoby has given us all such joy over the past few years and he has been a great friend to the whole family and visitors alike. Time has taken its toll on the old fellow and at the age of 14 we had to say our final goodbyes. He is so deeply missed as are all of our departed. R I P my old chap.