Chukotski Racing Siberian Huskies

Fred & Amanda Palmers Sprint Racing Kennel

Chukotski's Blade 24/04/06

Forstal's Nachalnik x Nuka Eklutna

Blade is fast approaching his first birthday and has been running in harness from six months of age. We are very pleased with his progress so far.  Like his dad Blade loves to run in lead along with Nemesis and he is picking up on his turns, he is a very bright little boy and a real favourite with Amanda. We have no doubts in his ability to be able to race in Fred's 6 dog team he is an awesome dog.

2007/2008 race season will be a very exciting time for us as we will be racing all 8 of our puppies.

March 2007

Blade is an awesome sled dog, just like his parents has started very young and is just improving all of the time. He loves to run in lead and is becoming very responsive he will certainly be a dog to watch out for in the future. All sibe pups are now running with the main team.




Chukotski's Nemesis 24/04/06

Forstal's Nachalnik x Nuka Eklutna of Nuka Niks.doc



Nemesis is another very promising young dog, very quick on the trail with tremendous drive we really were blessed with Nemesis and Blade. Around the kennel he is a delight so easy going not a bit of malice in fact too soft at times. Out on the trail he is fantastic we are so looking forward to his first race. (I wonder who's team he will be on?)

March 2007

We certainly have been blessed with this litter, Nemesis just like his brother is an exceptional dog. He is happy to run in any position and is most happy in the main team. All puppies have an excellent turn of speed and are a joy to watch.


Chukotski's Rita 24/04/06

Forstal's Nachalnik x Nuka Eklutna

Rita is just a real sweetie, really nice character just like her mum and dad. She has taken a little longer to mature than the boys but is catching them up in all ways.

Rita to date (Mar 07) has not run in lead yet but now the race season is over we will dedicate some time to the puppies and give her a try.

March 2007

The improvement in Rita is vast, she has taken a little longer to mature but boy has she caught up now. Still not tried her in lead as yet but we have no doubts in her ability.

To say that we are pleased in this litter is an understatement and if Dear Nik was still with us we would, without doubt have repeated the mating. All 5 of the litter are running at a high standard, Bella and Hex are also exceptional sled dogs of which we are so proud.

Khodies Neo (Switch) 02/07/06

Khodies Spyrit x Trinity Kennel's Zita (imp)

Well I am not sure what can be said about Switch! Boy does he live life to the full, he is a big puppy and is enjoying being this way, he certainly isn't as advanced as the other sibe pups but is looking very promising.

We will be concentrating on getting him in the team now that the season is over hopefully he will grow up a little when he realizes what is expected of him.

March 2007.

Switch is coming on very well now, he is focussed and working like a train, from a shaky start this young lad is showing a lot of promise.

Pawtrax Ken (mini Ken) 23/07/06

Ken Snr (B & T Waerner) x Lexie (P. Carroll)

37.5% GSP/EP/Greyhound 62.5% AH

Ken, now eight months old is just about ready to have some harness training before we break for the summer. We are so excited about this new adventure and we know that Ken will be great.

Around the home Ken is a real soppy boy the biggest of the four but the one always found attempting to sit on my lap. He is a delightful character and a joy to own.

Off lead both Ken and his sister Sox are very well behaved it is a real joy to see them free running and having fun, sadly something that we are not able to see with our sibes.

All four of our hounds live happily with our siberians as a pack, they were raised with 4 siberian puppies and despite us wanting to keep them as two packs the hounds are happier with the gang. We often shock visitors when they see the black beasts among the crowd, Ken just blends in you really wouldn't notice him!!!

March 2007

Well we really are lost for words, Mini Ken is awesome, his first time in harness was as though he has been doing it all of his life. Unlike some of the hounds we have seen Ken moves effortlessly and with the grace of a much smaller dog (Mini Ken is huge).

I wasn't sure what to expect but I am more than pleased with him such a superstar! We haven't had so much fun for a long time.  Despite his size we feel that Ken will be one of our lead dogs, he is very responsive and extremely intelligent.

Pawtrax Sox 23/07/06

Ken Snr (B & T Waerner) x Lexie (P Carroll)

37.5% GSP/EP/Greyhound 62.5% AH

Sox is a lovely girl, she loves to rough play with our other dogs and is a constant source of interest to all that wish to have a game.

Indoors she gets on the sofa and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. She is very amusing. Like Ken she is good off of the lead despite being the most timid of the four.

March 2007

Sox took a little while to settle into working in harness but once it clicked, and more importantly for her once the speed picked, up she ran very well. Sox prefers to run at full speed there is no slower pace for her so this should be fun.

Pawtrax Smudge 21/07/06

Simon (Thomas Waerner) x Assam (M Bene)

75% AH 25% EP

Smudge is the most handsome hound we have seen to date (well as handsome as Ken) he is maturing into a excellent sled dog. He has been tried in harness and worked well we are really pleased with him. 

Off lead he is a little unreliable, he wants to play with everything and often gets distracted sometimes taking my dear sweet Jet with him. All hounds will we harness broken in the next two weeks so watch this space.

March 2007

Smudge was as expected reliable, focussed and extremely quick. Just like Ken running in harness came natural to him and he put is heart and sole into it. Smudge is maturing into the most handsome hound we have had the pleasure of meeting. We are looking forward to having some fun with these four dogs over the next few years.

Pawtrax Jet 21/07/06

Simon (Thomas Waerner) x Assam (M Bene)

75% AH 25% EP

Jet on the right.

Little wee Jet is so tiny she is the most cuddly loveable dog you could ever meet. She is so like her mum Assam we couldn't be more pleased.

Don't be fooled by her size though she is a fast as the wind, we watch them as they run and play boy can she turn on the speed when needed.

Around the home what can we say, she is just perfect and a real favourite with all of our visitors.

March 2007

Wee jet is the little superstar always happy especially when running in the team. She turns her head to look at you every now and then, the look her her face says it all. We are very lucky to have been able to take on these four dogs and the joy they are giving us is wonderful. Jet will remain a favourite with all of the family just because of her small body and large personality.