Chukotski Racing Siberian Huskies

Fred & Amanda Palmers Sprint Racing Kennel

Khodies Myles 18/10/98

Tupilak's Joker x Tupilak's Dixie

Myles is an incredible dog, he has very poor vision being described as if he were human he would need a guide dog, and yet he lead the 6 dog team last season. He has tremendous drive and attitude and will be in Fred's team again this season.

Myles is off with Fred to the World Dryland Championships in Germany this year.

Khodies Jolt (Todd) 18/10/98

Tupilak's Joker x Tupilak's Dixie

Todd is Myles's litter mate and has the same qualities of his brother. He often runs in lead in training and is possibly Nik's replacement. Todd is also running in Fred's team and will be going to the World  Dryland Championships in Dec 06.

Nuka Eluktna (Nuka) 15/07/01

Tupilak's Chalkie x Wyphurst's Galia

Nuka is a crazy sled dog, she is probably one of, if not the fastest dog in this kennel. To date we don't feel that we have reached her top end speed she is phenomenal.

Nuka is the mother of our first litter Blade, Nemesis and Rita and it looks as if their parents genes have been passed on.

Sadly due to the pups Nuka will not be going to the World Dryland Championships as she has not been pet passported in time, she will be missed. It goes without saying that Nuka is in Fred's team.

We are considering breeding from Nuka again next year to Khodies Moonrunner so watch this space.

O'Mally Moose (Ali) 15/07/01

Tupilak's Chalkie x Wyphurst's Galia

Ally is Nuka's sister, she is also an excellent sled dog showing a good turn of speed and drive, not a lead dog but a very useful team member.

Ally will be running in Amanda's 6 or 4 dog team.

Khodies Albannach (Revel) 29/10/02

Khodies Spyrit x Trinity Kennel's Akira at Khodies (imp)

Pedigree ofpups.doc

Revel is relatively new to this kennel and is proving himself to be an excellent lead dog. He has tremendous drive and turn of speed it is a real shame that he too will be home during the World Championships.

Rev will be leading the main team this season and will hopefully do us proud

Khodies Albainn (Whisp) 29/10/02

Khodies Spyrit x Tinity Kennel's Akira at Khodies (imp) ofpups.doc

Whisp is another very useful dog, we haven't tried him in lead as yet but he will run in any other position in the team. He will be in the main team this season probably in swing.


Forstal's Kom 18/03/04

Ch Forstal's Nikitinka x Skiivolk N'Ladya of Forstal's pedigree 001.jpg


Kom/ Dotty seen here on the left is a real poppet. A real tank in harness and is full of character in and around the kennel,

Kom currently runs in lead for Amanda in either the 6 or 4 dog class, she is also a possible for the World Championships in December.

Tovarysh Neo 20/01/05

Forstal's Nachalnik x Tovarysh Khiva


Neo is an extremely promising dog in both working and in the show ring. He has qualified for Crufts 2007 and is an asset to this kennel.

Neo will be running in Fred's team this season, his dad (Nik) will be so proud

Tovarysh Apollo 20/01/05

Forstal's Nachalnik x Tovarysh Khiva


Apollo, seen here on the right is a very promising young dog. He is taking a little longer to mature than his brother Neo but never the less is a good athlete and will be racing in either the 6 or 4 dog class this season.

Snowspeeder's Jira 21/04/05

Forstal's Nachalnik x Forstal's Tpring of Snowspeeder

Jira is the baby of the bunch but by no means a slouch, she will probably be joining the team in Germany.

Jira is Amanda's other lead dog for the coming race season and Fred is NOT allowed to pinch her under any circumstances.

Khodies Moonrunner (Neema) 15/09/03

Trinity Kennel's Atla (imp Deu) x Trinity Kennel's Zita (imp Deu) of Neema.doc


Neema seen here on the right is the latest arrival to this kennel and is a real power house. The only remaining entire dog from this imported line and an extremely useful for any of the Zero lineage dogs in this country. 

We are planning a mating with Neema and Nuka next year.

Neema will be running in lead for Amanda initially and then without doubt Fred will be taking him for his six dog team in late December.