Chukotski Racing Siberian Huskies

Fred & Amanda Palmers Sprint Racing Kennel

2006/2007 Race season

It certainly hasn't been an uneventful race season with Fred's trip to Germany being blighted with Myles not being able to run on the second day. Both teams had major turn problems at Broomhill and the Sherwood trails proved to be far too hard and abrasive for Ali, Todd and Whisp. and sections of the Pembrey trails were also a problem.

For most of the season Fred's 6 dog team has consisted of Revel and Todd in lead, Nuka and Neema in swing and the wheel dogs have been Myles and Neo. Towards the end of the season Nuka was promoted to the lead dog position with  Revel really picking up on the turns now.

In Amanda's team Com was absent from the team for most of the season only being able to run in the final few races, her absence from the team made a real impact on the finishing positions. She is now back in the team and although not as fit as the other team members is doing very well. Rendlesham, despite the terrible conditions, the second team secured a third place which considering Boz at 11 years old is still running in the team is a real achievement. The other team members were Jira and Apollo at the BSHRA races and a mixture of the above with Ali and Whisp at all other events.

Sadly Drumlanrig will be Boz's final race, he has been a remarkable dog over his long career and has won many races along with the rest of the gang. It will be a sad day for us both but the old fellow is feeling the pace at times and suffers with right shoulder problems. He deserves a full and happy retirement, well thats if he lets us!

Fred's Results

Broomhill SHC of GB B Class     4th place 

Sherwood SHC of GB B Class     !st Place

Sherwood SHC of GB C Class     5th Place

Kings 2 BSHRA           C Class     12th Place

Pembrey SHC of GB  B Class     1st Place

                                  D Class       5th Place

Rendlesham SHC of GB  B Class 1st Place

Drumlanrig DSS         B Class      2nd Place


Amanda's Results

Broomhill SHC of GB    C Class   11th Place

Kings 2 BSHRA             C Class  14th Place

Elveden BSHRA   1       C Class  14th Place

Elveden BSHRA   2       C Class  12th Place

Broxa    BSHRA   1       C Class   7th Place

Broxa    BSHRA   2       C Class   6th Place

Rendlesham SHC of GB B Class  3rd Place 

Drumlanrig DSS            C Class   9th Place