Chukotski Racing Siberian Huskies

Fred & Amanda Palmers Sprint Racing Kennel

Best in Show


I'm lost for words, what can I say?

I can't believe I've won today

If I thought that these heights I would ever reach

I'd have written a proper acceptance speech.


I'd like to thank all of my family

For their love, their support, and their pedigree

To my wonderful trainer, I owe this to you

You have made all the dreams of the Husky come true.


My thanks go to dad Nik, the star of our age

And all the great dogs who've appeared on this stage

It's not for them, not for me, you should give your applause

I'm just honoured to follow in such giant paws.


Your votes for my work are an honour indeed

I was humbled your named me "Best of Breed"

I had longed for that day since a very small pup

Oh dear...sniff...please excuse me, I'm welling up.


But a greater still honour you were yet to bestow

You decided to vote me your "Best in Show"

Who'd have guessed that my tale would have this way unfurled

I can now bark out loud..."I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD"




Tovarysh Neo

To date Neo has rarely been in the show ring, a very promising dog but needs time to mature.

Leeds 2006

2nd Post Graduate            Sally Leich


Southern Counties 2007

1st Post Graduate             Julia Sims

Reserve Dog CC

Post Graduate Dog (13: 1 Abs)
Palmer’s: Tovarysh Neo  What a fabulous dog! Tons of promise in this one! Fantastic movement that just ate up the ground with total ease. Superb reach and drive with that free flowing gait I could watch all day! Level topline. Super arch of loin and croup, lovely tailset.  Fabulous foxy expression with lovely dark brown almond eyes. Super earset which he showed off to full advantage. Superb lay of shoulder, well sprung ribs. Excellent away movement that easily achieved single tracking. Beautifully muscled dog.  Well within the breed standard who shows up those that are a little over height.  So very close BOB in the challenge just needs to mature a little. Loved everything about him. RCC.

South Wales 2007            

3rd Post Graduate           Penny Evans