Chukotski Racing Siberian Huskies

Fred & Amanda Palmers Sprint Racing Kennel

Stud dog poem

An Increasingly

Hot Dog/s

I wish I had a girlfriend

Someone to share my day

But every time I sniff one out

They simply run away.


Perhaps they find me ugly

Or do they think I'm smelly?

I'm getting sick of stopping in

And goggling at the telly.


I really want a girlfriend

I've such a lot to give

Daily I'd make their dreams come true

If 'twas me that they were with.


My other pals are sorted

They've always got a bitch

Even Reg the whippet's got a squeeze

Even with that funny twitch!


I need a bloody girlfriend!

What do I have to do!

I'm young, I'm fit, and I've got a job

Well...two of those are true.


Nookie's all that I think about!

Some say it's overrated

I'd love to find out for myself

Oh god I'm so frustrated!


I'm desperate for a lover!

I've got to find one now!

And I don't care if I have to beg

Or stand on my head and howl!


But I must be calm and wait my time

One day I'll strike it lucky

And believe you me, that day will be

Really, really mucky!


The Chukotski boys

Tovarysh Neo

Neo is an extremely hard working young dog. He has been in Fred's 6 dog team all season. Neo will be in the show ring again this summer as he is an excellent example of the breed. We have high hopes for this young dog.

We are planning to mate Neo to Jira in 2008/2009.

Hip Score :

Eyes Clear

Khodies Moonrunner

Neema is an awesome sled dog. During this race season he has run in Fred's team for most of the races, leading with Revel at our final race in Drumlanrig.

Neema is the only entire dog from this imported line and can be used on any of the Zero dogs currently in the Uk at the moment. He would also complement some of the other working lines too.

We are planning to mate Neema to Nuka in Mar/April 07.

Hip score 3/4

Eye tests clear